Tools for Young Kids and Kids with ADHD

Give Your Kids a Chance to Shine Everyday.

Need a little tool to encourage your kid(s) to do
daily tasks by themselves?
Take a few minutes and discover our tool
designed for young kids and kids with ADHD.

Why Choose WonderKiz Tool

A Little Facts that Matter to Your Precious One and Wonderful Parents who seek the Best Tool 

Designed for ADHD Kids & Young Kids

It’s proven that their brain works differently from kids without ADHD. Our tools are designed especially for kids with ADHD so that they achieve small goals in daily life in their own way.

Give a Confidence

ADHD kids need a lot of repetition until a habit sticks in their daily life. Instead of us (parents) repeating them over and over, let’s teach them a way to learn life skills (aka daily routine) independently.

Developed by Real Mom of ADHD Kid

Let’s be honest – parenting itself is not always easy. When it comes to ADHD parenting, it’s a huge challenge on every road you go. Let us help your ADHD parenting journey with our proven tools to make your & your kid’s road a bit smoother!


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Questions & Answers

Let us answer some of questions when we use the WonderKiz tool.

Why should I use the Wonderkiz Reward Chart over others?

Our Reward Chart is especially designed for kids with ADHD, such as

1) Separated chores for AM & PM so that kids can know what to do in the morning and evening, without confusion.

2) Color Therapy is used for the design so that kids will get calm but motivating emotions without getting excited for no reason!

3) Short Term Goal Setting for AM & PM so that he can be motivated to finish his responsibilities quickly.  Don’t forget, they are much more encouraged when they know what’s to come RIGHT AFTER their chores.

Who develop this Chart?

Mom of three kids, from toddler to teenager, who used to be a teacher, who loved to make educational tools for her students, who happens to have a boy with ADHD and has studied a lot in order to make more peaceful family life with this circumstance.

Does this Chart work for kids WITHOUT ADHD?

Absolutely!  Our chart has a long-term goal (weekly) and short-term goals (daily AM & PM), which are more encouraging to do responsibilities in a timely matter for ages between 2-17 years old.  You can customize chores by writing directly on the chart, so that it will work the best for you and your kid.