What can we use to help our kids do daily routines without fight?

I know the feeling of parents with ADHD kids.
The morning is a battle. The night is exhausting.
To have kids do routines.
It’s always the same routine. But why, we struggle for YEARS?
Well, ADHD kids don’t have the same brain as others.
Their priority is not by importance. It’s by INTEREST.
It’s scientifically proven that their brain functions differently.
It’s not that kids are doing the distracted acts on purpose, it’s just they need different tools and parenting techniques.
That’s how our Routine Reward Chart was born, to encourage a kid with Interest-driven brain to do what they have to do.
When they know a clear & shot-term goal (reward) is waiting right after Morning & Night Routine by a specific time, they are more motivated.
Then parent’s repeat won’t be necessary.
Less repeat & Less yelling for more peaceful time at home, and most importantly,
kids will build a self-confidence that “I can do it by myself!”
Color Therapy

Our chart is designed with color therapy in mind to maximize their engagement to the routines without overly getting excited. No Color is used to possibly provoke distraction, anxiety, frustration and excitement such as red and yellow.

Separate Section for AM & PM

Separate routine sections are on our chart so that he knows what to do in AM separately from PM. Clear visualization to avoid any confusion.

Short-Term Goal

Talk to your kid and decide what she wants when all the AM routine is done as well as for PM routine. Then decide by what time it all has to be done. By making it clear what she can get after her routine, she'll be much more motivated to do it every day.

Variety of Chore Magnets

We have 24 different chore magnets for AM, PM and Behavior. If you don't find what you need, you can simply write on the chart with the dry eraser that comes in a kit.

Extra Thick Stars

We use the star magnets daily, so we made sure that the stars will last without damage for a long time. It's made with extra cushion for thickness, and extra stars in case we lose a few during busy schedule!

Long-Term Goal

You can also decide what can be a weekly goal with how many number of stars at the end of week. Remember, it doesn't have to be an object. It can be a 10-min cuddle time in mommy's bed only with him!