With a Hope to Help more Parents of ADHD Kids.

Founder of Wonderkiz  May Vendette

I’m May, your guide in the world of parenting ADHD kids. I used to be a teacher, and now I’m the founder of Wonderkiz, which specializes in tools for ADHD kids. I’m also a mom to three awesome kids, one of whom has ADHD, ODD, and more. In my six years of parenting with ADHD, I’ve learned a lot about the ups and downs. In 2020, things got tough, and that’s when I decided to help other parents like you. My mission is simple: to support and empower you so that you’ll become the parent you want to be through useful products and digital courses. No more feelings of loneliness & guilt. I’ll guide you to go through this complex ADHD parenting journey!

Let’s make your parenting journey smoother together! Join me in this adventure, where we learn, laugh, cry and grow.