Designed to Keep Your Kids Engaged

Reward Chart to Give your Kid a Chance to Shine Every day.

Color Therapy

Our chart is designed with color therapy in mind to maximize their engagement to the routines without overly getting excited. No Color is used to possibly provoke distraction, anxiety, frustration and excitement such as red and yellow.

Separate Section for AM & PM

Separate routine sections are on our chart so that he knows what to do in AM separately from PM. Clear visualization to avoid any confusion.

Short-Term Goal

Talk to your kid and decide what she wants when all the AM routine is done as well as for PM routine. Then decide by what time it all has to be done. By making it clear what she can get after her routine, she'll be much more motivated to do it every day.

Variety of Chore Magnets

We have 24 different chore magnets for AM, PM and Behavior. If you don't find what you need, you can simply write on the chart with the dry eraser that comes in a kit.

Extra Thick Stars

We use the star magnets daily, so we made sure that the stars will last without damage for a long time. It's made with extra cushion for thickness, and extra stars in case we lose a few during busy schedule!

Long-Term Goal

You can also decide what can be a weekly goal with how many number of stars at the end of week. Remember, it doesn't have to be an object. It can be a 10-min cuddle time in mommy's bed only with him!


Voices from Happy Customers

I am a single mother to my daughter Jayla whom is 7 yrs old. This chart is amazing .

I am so happy with my purchase because it’s really helping my daughter with her ADHD and it’s teaching her how to listen with the reward system.

– Krissylee Ayoungman , Canada


Thank you for a great product to help my son learn his routine better and focus on independent responsibilities!

He is so proud of his accomplishments and recognizing the ones he needs help with!


Siobhan , USA


So excited as our reward chart for 2 just arrived in the mail. We talked about trying this type of system with our 2 girls and they seemed to like the idea a lot.

Fingers crossed!!!!!


Katie., Canada


I am very happy to receive a chart for my kids, which seems to be very well made, with extra space for customization as well.

Aayushi A., Canada


My grand son got all stars on his first day, which he insisted on being Sunday.

I think this is just the ticket for him to gain independence and a sense of agency.

Sandy , USA


Such a cute chart and I love that’s it’s magnetic 😊

We sat together and discussed his chores and he seems excited about it 😊.

I’m glad I found you on Amazon!

Kathryn V. Canada


We purchased one of the kid calendars a few weeks ago, and it went so well we purchased another for a younger sibling who wanted to get his stars too, thanks for such a great product!

Katie, USA


I just recieved this routine chart and I absolutely love it and so does my daughter!

This has been a game changer! Thank you for making such a great product!

Annie, USA


Thank you for making such a cute and functional chore chart!

I have two little ones that I homeschool.

The chore chart has become a great tool to keep us on track for the day ♥️

Kristen, USA


The chart is working out great for my 2 kids.

Thank you for coming up with this design that makes it super easy and kid friendly.

Allii, USA


The day 1, the chart has really helped our autistic son and

our 3 year old toddler.

They both could work on tasks and do thing together and help one another with little to no fighting.

Stephanie Sudsbury, Canada


I have three boys who have autism and I am glad this chart exists!

Thank you again for taking the time to make this and I am happy to purchase from a Canadian business on amazon.

Sara Corley, Canada


This is the second day using it and it is already going so well!

Melissa Spencer, Canada


I’m so excited to start using the chart with my two littles. I am hoping it will help them with the routine but more importantly, building healthier behaviours. Thank you!! !

Kim, USA


My 6 year old son is waiting for an ADHD assessment soon.

As a single mom, it’s quite a challenge managing his routine consistently.

I hope this will be a good head start.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing him cope and progress.

-Anna, Canada


My mischievous 6-year-old boy is so excited about his new responsibility chart.

That could be because he has to earn time to play video games!

Kirsten, USA


Thank you for designing a great product. He’s already taken to it and it’s helpful to remind him about his chosen goals.

Also love supporting a Canadian company!

Kelsey H, Canada


I liked your chart and

I am happy for my order.

I am excited and looking forward to using this product to improve my kids life style and learning process.

Hosna Totakhil, Canada


We just received your chart and it is absolutely wonderful!

Melissa M., Canada


We have been struggling with our daughters behavior and she responds so well to hands on things.

This chart has helped immensely.

We are looking forward to the progress.

Thank you thank you thank you

-Katie, USA