Secret to Motivate ADHD kids – With Enthusiasm!?

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I hear from many parents that it’s hard to make ADHD kid do tasks – ex. Homework, taking out garbage, activities that don’t interest them much…etc. 

I was one of you who wondered “Is he ever gonna be a little more motivated even if tasks are boring??”

🔔 It’s because they may have differences in the brain’s reward system, making them more sensitive to immediate rewards and less responsive to delayed rewards. If a task lacks immediate reward or is perceived as boring, it may be challenging for them to stay motivated.

*If you’re already using this reward chart , you know how to implement this psychology in daily tasks!

If you’re neurotypical (aka not ADHD) as a parent, this “giving a reward” for tasks may sound unnecessary or “not ideal” parenting style. 

I get it.

🙄But if the ADHD reward brain lacks motivation due to how it’s wired inside, then they struggle achieving goals or tasks everyday, you have to repeat to them the same thing over and over, they get annoyed by it and you end up affecting the relationship with your ADHD kid?

🤩Or, you set the environment up with rewards for them to succeed and they build confidence

It’s like you decide to watch your favorite TV show AFTER you do the dishes.

YOU decide to do the tasks BEFORE you enjoy the TV show, right?

Rewards don’t have to be big, just to make sure priorities are done before FUN things they like.

⭕Always remember this order : Tasks first, reward after.

❌*If you give a reward before they do tasks, it’s a bribe.

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